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R & D system

  R&D System
As a leading LED lighting expert of China, Kangchi Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. provides high-quality energy-saving lighting products for customers by independent research and development and continuous innovation. With a strong sense of mission to the development of the LED lighting industry of China, the company produces “LED lights with the world’s best cost performance” by employing world cutting-edge technology.

Through constant exploration, the company has built a complete R&D system which provides outpouring power for enterprise development. With emphasis on talent introduction, the company invites famous electric light source experts and lamp experts as consultants of the R&D center to research and develop the cutting-edge technology of the lighting field. It is the ultimate goal of the company to produce “LED lights with the best cost performance in the world”. With the mission of popularizing LED lighting and realizing energy saving, environmental protection and carbon reduction, the company constantly carries forward the research, development and application of advanced lighting technologies, and fulfills its belief and commitment of the brand in professional spirit.

R&D Achievements:
Its products cover all fields of LED lighting application, including indoor lighting: LED light tubes, LED bulbs, high-power LED spotlights, LED candle lamps, LED PAR light, LED ceiling lamps, LED down lamps; and outdoor lighting: LED plant growth lights, LED street lamp and so on. By virtue of its efficient, energy-saving eco-friendly products with high insulativity, fast heat dissipation, oxidation resistance and high cost performance, the company takes the lead in Guangdong even in China. Its high product quality inspection level, in accordance with international standard, provides a solid guarantee for high and stable product quality. Its products have passed certifications of CE, GS and UL. The company is the first to apply independently researched K9-H efficient ceramic heat dissipation technology to LED bulb radiator and employs high-quality light sources, electric parts, heat dissipation materials and technologies, and lighting effect design requirements generally higher than domestic energy efficiency standard;

Till 2011, the company has applied for four patents, including two design patents and two utility model patents. Ceramic heat dissipation technologies and appearance design of LED bulbs of four projects have achieved leading level of the industry according to expert assessment. Meanwhile, eight products have obtained “Certificate for Eco-friendly Product” and “Certificate for China Energy Conservation Product”.

With novel gesture, the company is striding proudly ahead to create value and world fame, in an effort to make Kangchi a world famous bra